How To Use Credit Hours For Howling Assistant Virtual Assistant Services

What are credit hours and how are they used for Howling Assistant services?

Howling Assistant services are vast and range from administrative tasks to highly specialized projects such as developing behavioral campaigns within systems such as Zoho, Infusionsoft, Hubspot, and other such types of systems that require higher-level expertise.

Howling Assistant's in-house teams range from administrative assistants, graphic designers, web developers, automation specialists & other professionals available to you for your projects. 

When you subscribe to one of our Howling Assistant packages or you purchase hours, you are issued "Credit Hours" that can be used for most all Howling Assistant services.

Credit hours are calculated as follows: (1) Credit hour = (1) billable hour

Most tasks that your Howling Assistant can complete for you are billed at (1) credit hour per (1) hour of work. However, if you need more specialized services, those specialized services would require additional credit hours per billable hour. Here is a list of services and the related credit hours.

  1. administrative tasks, inbox management, social media management, research, basic website updates, posting blogs, basic CRM management | (1) credit hour per (1) hour worked
  2. custom graphics, logos, web pages, light video editing | (4) credit hours per (1) hour worked
  3. custom automation, integrations, troubleshooting website or CRM automation platforms | (8) credit hours per (1) hour worked
  4. Business & Strategy Consulting with our Founder and Executive Team | (20) credit hours per (1) hour worked
To learn more about the types of services available for all of your business needs, CLICK HERE

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