How to Provide Design Feedback on a PDF using Userback

How to Provide Design Feedback on a PDF using Userback

Goal: To provide feedback on a PDF or JPEG design


Ideal Outcome: Feedback is provided on a PDF or JPEG design


Prerequisites: PDF file, Invitation link to Userback


Why this is important: For us to give reviews about a design


Where this is done: PDF file, Userback system


When this is done: When we need to give reviews on a design


Who does this: Howling Assistant/s


Opening the file for feedback

  • Open the PDF or JPEG file.




  • At the bottom of the page, you will see the menu of the page. First is, the Eye icon for the view mode.



  • Next is the highlight, selecting it lets you draw on the page emboxing anywhere you would like to add a note on it.





  • Every time the user selects any tools at the bottom, the text box on the right side of the page will appear where you may input a note, add a reaction, or attach a file or image to be used instead, and by clicking post, it'll be posted.




  • Another way to provide feedback is the arrow.. where the user points out the part where he/she provide the feedback.




  • The next one is the comment, where you may select multiple parts of the PDF design, to provide feedback on the selected parts.




  • The last one is the Record Video option in providing feedback. This is where we provide feedback with a video recording.




  • Selecting Record Video will need permission to work. Click allow to the pop-up menu that appeared.




  • When you have multiple active screens, it will let you choose which screen you will use to record a video. Select the screen, and click share to start recording.




  • Once the recorder starts, it will have the options on the top of the screen. Click Mute if you have to mute, Pause, and Finish when you're done.



  • The video recording will automatically be inserted into the textbox that contains the feedback.


Note: Remember to click post to ensure that the feedback is sent or posted in the system.





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