How Do I Mark A Phone Call As QUOTABLE or NOT QUOTABLE

How Do I Mark A Phone Call As QUOTABLE or NOT QUOTABLE

The Howling Leads Call, Form, Chat Tracking & Attribution platform provides you multiple methods for you to tell us if a call you received from one of our Howling Brands campaigns ( Howling Leads Pay-For-Performance, Howling SEO, Howling SMS, Howling Social, Howling Sites, Howling Reviews) or any other 3rd party campaign you want to track, is a  QUOTABLE or  NOT QUOTABLE lead.

Option 1 - Email: After each phone you receive, Howling Leads will send you an email containing all of the calls caller ID information, recording of the call and the ability to mark the call as QUOTABLE, NOT QUOTABLE or PENDING.

Option 2 - Phone (Easiest) : This is the easiest and fastest method to mark the call. With this option, you simply stay on the phone after the caller hangs up and you will hear a recording asking you to Press 1 if the call IS quotable, Press 4 if the call is NOT quotable. This will automatically mark the call accordingly within the platform.

Option 3 -  Howling Leads Portal:  The Howling Leads Call, Form, Chat Tracking & Attribution platform will allow you to view in-depth reports, listen to calls, and the ability to mark each call.

Here is a video overview of all 3 options.


It is important to understand the definition of a "Quotable" & "Not Quotable" call if you are subscribed to the Howling Leads and/or Howling SEO Pay-For-Performance program/s.

We keep this very simply, a "Quotable" call is defined as a call received from someone looking for services within the area you provide service to and looking for a service that you provide. 

The outcome of the call, IE if you made the appointment or not, is not a consideration when marking calls "Quotable". It is only if the (2) criteria are met:

A) The person is requesting service in an area you provide service to
B) It is for a service that you provide.

"Not Quotable" calls are calls such as telemarketers, robocalls, wrong numbers, out of the area that you authorized, looking for services that you do not provide as per the list of services you provided Howling Brands.

Missed calls and/or calls that are routed to voicemail will be classified as as "Quotable" call as per the program terms. The only exception to this is a voicemail message that clearly not for services provided.

All calls that are marked "Not Quotable" will be reviewed by the Howling Brands team who will make the final decision as to the status of the call. If the call is indeed "Not Quotable", the call will not be charged or will be credited on the next weekly invoice.

It is your responsibility to mark all calls. All unmarked/pending calls are automatically considered "Quotable" and will be billed accordingly.

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